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Ambrose not just Good … he’s great

Ambrose not just Good ... he's great [caption id="attachment_2075" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] WWE superstar Dean Ambrose. Courtesy of World Wrestling Entertainment[/caption] Jonathan Good may be living a charmed life in professional wrestling nowadays, but life wasn’t always easy for the man better known as Dean Ambrose. Good, who grew up in...

Chinlock Radio ep 16: Tommy Dreamer

Chinlock Radio ep 16: Tommy Dreamer The innovator of violence, Tommy Dreamer joins Sideshow & Jan to talk about his life, career, ECW, and House Of Hardcore.  

Review: Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies

Review: Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies     Photo from “I hate zombies. They’re assholes” Following in the footsteps of Troma classics like The Toxic Avenger, Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies is an unabashedly low-budget flick that provides exactly what it promises: Pro Wrestlers fighting against a horde of zombies. It’s...